malibu dreams


Hello and Welcome to A Beautiful Spark, a travel blog!

I want this to be a place where I record the “Visions and Voyages” of my life. More than a travel blog, a compendium of memories and funny stories about two people that got married and then proceeded to spend 24 hours a day, everyday, traveling together.

I’m starting this at the beginning of my first year of marriage. A little backstory: five days into 2018 I quit my pretty dang stable job. Wow, the powerful anxiety that swept over me when I gave my boss my notice, until I was about three drinks in at my going-away party, was something I never expected.  A week later I got married in a tiny ceremony in the desert, despite our original venue burning down in the California wildfires. Then we packed our bags and left on a one-way ticket to Europe with the intention to stay here for at least a year, and/or as long as it still feels right to keep doing this… which seems to shift dramatically depending on whether or not it’s my day to take the dog out first thing in the morning.

Now, three months into this, I’m ready to finally start this thing. We packed far too much yet we’re learning to live with way less than we ever did. Sometimes being around each other night and day is bonkers, but most of the time, if we can just keep the kitchen clean and not run out of wine, the whole day works out perfectly.

I had a lot of expectations of myself when I started this that I’ve had to let go of. I thought I’d suddenly have all these new hours in the day I didn’t have when I worked full-time. I was hoping that would mean I would suddenly do and be all the things I told myself I didn’t have time for before. Since my husband still works full-time, I thought I’d pick up all the domestic chores as if I was fucking Cinderella, but happy about it. I’d work out daily, as if it was pure bliss- a luxury I could now afford. And I’d just all around be a fountain of creativity, femininity, and productivity… perhaps even approaching the lower levels of Beyonce’s off-days. Turns out, no. None of that has happened. But a lot of other stuff has.

Here we go!