Liza DeFrain was born Liza Garrett in Texas sometime in the 20th Century. She would prefer not to get too specific as to precisely when. Sometime in early childhood she developed a taste for fine dining, travel, and rhythmic dance.


Liza attended Texas State University in San Marcos, where she majored in Environmental Studies, I think, but it might have been Geography? but if you ask her, she’ll say she went to college in Austin, which is much hipper. Baffling everyone, she accepted a stormwater management job in Lincoln, Nebraska, and moved there shortly after realizing the duration of a daily Texas to Nebraska commute. While there she thought it would be a bright idea to additionally get a Masters degree. On many nights and weekends words such as “Why the fuck did I sign up for grad school while working a full time job?” were heard echoing through the walls.



Amidst her final years locked in mortal combat with the deadly beast known as The Thesis, she was noticed and subsequently courted by local grifter Billy DeFrain. After DeFrain gifted her a set of enchanted earrings purchased from a gypsy at SXSW in 2015, dark magicks convinced Garrett that she was in love with DeFrain, culminating in a series of elaborate suicide attempts: Whitewater rafting in Panama, free falling from a 200 foot cliff on the “terrordactyl” in Colorado, hot springs in the New Mexico desert in June, and jumping out of plane for no goddamned reason.

With lofty promises along the lines of ‘I Jump you Jump Jack’ and vows of evermore, Garrett wed DeFrain in the California desert in early 2018. In a break from reality that she still can’t believe, and after 5 years with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she quit her job. Now together they travel the world, a month or so at a time, with their ever-faithful hound “Big Chunk” (name changed to protect the innocent), frequently losing winning at games with her husband.


This blog is a compendium of memories. A treasure map of our lives. (No Billy DeFrains were hurt in the making of this blog… so far.)